Wellbeing Ways

A new nationally relevant wellbeing measure for First Nations adolescents, called What Matters 2Youth (WM2Y), has been developed by a Queensland- and First Nations-led team. WM2Y is grounded in First Nations adolescents’ views and is the first tailored wellbeing measure to effectively guide and evaluate programs, services, and policies for this population.

Wellbeing Ways is a two-year project, which will implement routine longitudinal administration of WM2Y in four Queensland high schools to assess wellbeing and co-design resources, activities, and referral pathways to effectively support First Nations students’ wellbeing. Development of scale up strategies will allow the translation of findings to schools across Queensland.

Project members

Gail Garvey

Professor Gail Garvey (AM)

NHMRC Leadership Fellow and Professor in Indigenous Health Research
Kirsten Howard

Honorary Professor Kirsten Howard

Honorary Professor
School of Public Health

Dr Kate Anderson

Senior Research Fellow
Darren Garvey

Dr Darren Garvey

Senior Research Fellow
Neelam Malik

Neelam Malik

Principal Research Project Officer