Dr Darren Garvey is a researcher based in Perth, Western Australia who has worked and taught alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers and communities for over 30 years across the areas of psychology, social and emotional wellbeing, counselling and cultural studies. Darren has matrilineal ties to Hammond Island in the Torres Strait combined with Asian and European heritages. His current research program at FNCWR focusses on understanding and measuring the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, particularly children and youth.  

Darren has extensive qualitative research skills and experience. He is currently a Chief/ Associate Investigator on four grants totalling $4.4 million: 

  • Messaging to promote mental health with young Aboriginal men 
  • What Matters to Kids (WM2K) Pilot Study 
  • What Matters to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youths' Wellbeing: Developing a wellbeing measure for youth (WM2Y Project) 
  • The role of First Nations music as a determinant of health. 

Darren enjoys cooking, ultramarathon trail running, bodyboarding, and is looking to enter his first speed cubing contest. He strives hard to be the best family man he can be. 

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