Mental Health in Climate Change is emerging as an area of urgent research need. Our network members are working together to

  • explore evidence gaps
  • harness transdisciplinary expertise to find innovative ways of addressing social and emotional health challenges relating to changing climates

Our network boasts membership from academics from across a wide range of disciplines at UQ, as well as other universities and research institutes. 

We are also proud to include government, industry and community collaborators to help guide our research priorities and ultimately our ability to translate our research into actions that can be implemented to improve mental health in climate change.


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PhD Students

  • Tara Crandon

    Psychologist, PhD Student
    Primary Supervisor: Dr Hannah Thomas. Co-supervisors: Professor James Scott and Associate Professor Fiona Charlson
  • Renuka Bhoge

    PhD Student
    Supervisor: Dr Sara Alidoust, Associate Supervisor: Dr Anne Cleary
  • Monika Walia

    PhD Student
    Supervisor: Dr Anne Cleary
  • Gabriela Stilita

    Clinical Psychologist, PhD Student
    Primary Supervisor:  Associate Professor Fiona Charlson

Steering Committee