This project aims to develop a dynamic systems model for bat-human interactions that result in potential Australian Bat Lyssavirus exposures. The model will incorporate environmental factors like temperature and rainfall, as well as behavioural factors. The system will aim to quantify the relationships between all of the variables as well as their impacts on exposure events using equations based on actual data and/or expert opinion. Once complete, the model will allow us to simulate changes to the system and predict the impacts of various behavioural or environmental changes such as interventions targeted at changing high-risk human activities or climate change. The ultimate purpose of the model is to identify potentially viable intervention options for policy makers and predict their likely outcomes.


  • Eryn Wright
  • Dr Simon Reid
  • Dr Russell Richards
  • Dr Satyamurthy Anuradha

Funding: Queensland Health via QAEHS


Project members

Associate Professor Simon Reid

Assoc Prof (Global Disease Control)
School of Public Health

Mrs Eryn Wright

Research Officer
School of Public Health

Dr Satyamurthy Anuradha

Honorary Senior Lecturer
School of Public Health