Supporting our Carers

Supporting our Carers Study (SOCS): Assessing supportive care needs of Indigenous cancer survivors’ caregivers

The Supporting our Carers project seeks to understand the supportive care needs of caregivers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with cancer, building on our previous work in identifying Indigenous cancer survivors’ unmet support needs. 

Funded by an Australian Research Council Discovery Indigenous grant, we are undertaking a three-phase project to produce an evidence-based and validated tool to measure carers’ needs.

Currently in its final phase, Supporting Our Carers is being conducted in collaboration with cancer services at six Hospital and Health Services across Queensland, and our investigators from Menzies School of Research, the University of New South Wales, the Perron Institute at the University of Western Australia, Curtin University, and the University of Sydney.


Menzies School of Research  |  The University of New South Wales  |  Perron Institute at the University of Western Australia  |  Curtin University  |  the University of Sydney

Funded By: 

Australian Research Council Discovery Indigenous Grant.


Masa, Adam J., Martinez-Bredeck, Helena, Butler, Tamara L., Anderson, Kate, Girgis, Afaf, Aoun, Samar M., Cunningham, Joan, Wakefield, Claire E., Shahid, Shaouli, Smith, Allan B., Garvey, Gail. (2020)

The experiences of caregivers of Indigenous cancer survivors in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States: a systematic review. J Psychosoc Oncol Res Pract. 2(4):p e040, December 2020. | DOI: 10.1097/OR9.0000000000000040

Bell, L., Anderson, K., Girgis, A., Aoun, S., Cunningham, J., Wakefield, C. E., Shahid, S., Smith, A. B., Diaz, A., Lindsay, D., Masa, A., & Garvey, G. (2021).

"We Have to Be Strong Ourselves": Exploring the Support Needs of Informal Carers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People with Cancer. Int J Environ Res Public Health, 18(14), 7281.

Project members

Gail Garvey

Professor Gail Garvey (AM)

NHMRC Leadership Fellow and Professor in Indigenous Health Research

Dr Kate Anderson

Senior Research Fellow
Lela Arley–Corry

Ms Lela Arley-Corry

Research Assistant

Dr Tamara Butler

Research Fellow
Ken Carter

Mr Ken Carter

Research Project Officer
Rachael Jaenke

Ms Rachael Jaenke

Principal Research Project Officer

Ms Patricia Stow

Casual Research Technician
Lorraine Tutton

Lorraine Tutton

Senior Project and Engagement Officer
Emily Pegler

Miss Emily Pegler

PhD Student
Research Assistant