This project is qualitative longitudinal research with queer young people across Queensland. 
Although sexual health is in the title, the project is much broader  in focus on health and wellbeing.
We are interviewing 60 young queer people and include questions about their mental health and wellbeing,  active citizenship and forms of activism, communities of identity and climate change. This is a two year project.

Along with Prof Lisa McDaid from the ISSR we have a summer student analysing stage one of this data this summer, and will be collecting another round of data in December.
We will be collecting two more rounds of data in regional QLD over the next 2 years.


  • Lisa Fitzgerald
  • Allyson Mutch
  • Judith Dean'
  • Lisa McDaid
  • Chris Prickard

Funding: Queensland Sexual Health Research Fund

Project members

Associate Professor Lisa Fitzgerald

Chair, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee & Associate Professor
School of Public Health

Associate Professor Allyson Mutch

Associate Professor
School of Public Health

Dr Judith Dean

Senior Research Fellow
School of Public Health