First Nations Cancer Nurse Navigator

Implementing a First Nations Cancer Nurse Navigator in metropolitan and regional Queensland cancer centres

This project aims to improve cancer outcomes by assisting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cancer patients and their caregivers to navigate the complexities of the health system and cancer care, through the employment of First Nations Cancer Nurse Navigators. First Nations Cancer Nurse Navigators will be implemented and evaluated in 3 Queensland cancer centres. At one of the participating sites, the project also involves a feasibility study of an Indigenous Patient Navigator–led brief health behaviour intervention in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cancer survivors (2022–2024).

The project is supported by funding from an NHMRC Investigator Grant, World Cancer Research Fund Seed Grant and funding received from Queensland Health, the Princess Alexandra Research Foundation and Dry July. The project is being conducted in collaboration with cancer centres within Brisbane and Cairns, and other collaborating institutions including, Flinders University, Menzies School of Health Research and Queensland Health.

Project members

Gail Garvey

Professor Gail Garvey

NHMRC Leadership Fellow and Professor in Indigenous Health Research

Dr Bena Brown

Adjunct Senior Fellow
School of Public Health

Dr Abbey Diaz

Research Fellow

Dr Megan Ferguson

Senior Lecturer-Pub Hlth Nutrition & Director Higher Degree Research
School of Public Health
Daniel Lindsay

Dr Daniel Lindsay

Adjunct Research Fellow
School of Public Health

Professor Marina Reeves

Deputy Associate Dean Research
Faculty of Medicine
School of Public Health
Lara Stoll

Miss Lara Stoll

Principal Research Project Officer
Nienke Zomerdijk

Dr Nienke Zomerdijk

Research Fellow | PhD Psycho-Oncology