Principal advisor: Professor Marina Reeves

Co-supervisor team: Dr Melinda Protani, Dr Jodi Sanus, and Dr Louise Marquart-Wilson

Division: Health Promotion & Equity

Thesis title: Exploring the incidence and prognosis of breast cancer subtypes in Queensland, Australia: focus on triple-negative breast cancer

Larissa is a third-year PhD student in the School of Public Health at The University of Queensland. Larissa’s thesis focuses specifically on triple-negative breast cancer, the breast cancer with the poorest prognosis, but will examine and compare the incidence and prognosis across the major breast cancer subtypes. Larissa’s research has also aimed to investigate the role of obesity on triple-negative breast cancer prognosis. She has been working with the Queensland Cancer Control Analysis team at Cancer Alliance Queensland (QLD state-cancer registry) as part of her PhD (Industry replacement). 

Larissa is a Nutritionist, having obtained a master's in health science in 2018 in Brazil (where she is from). She is passionate about public health nutrition and aims to continue a research career in the field.