Researcher biography

Dr Buckley's overall research expertise overlies health behaviour change program development, implementation and evaluation including the translation of theory to evidence-based practice. She has focused on behaviour change research in efforts to reduce adolescent and young adult injury, primarily around the use of alcohol, experience of violence and road-related risk behaviours. Her work takes a focus on promotive factors for wellbeing, particularly through supportive relationships with friends, parents and in schools. She has a strong interest in the way bystanders influence health behaviour.

Dr Buckley has been a chief investigator on funded research projects totalling more than 13 million dollars both in Australia and the United States, including funding from the U.S. Department of Justice and in Australia, leading an ARC-Discovery Project. She was also funded as a co-Director of the Training and Education Core of the University of Michigan Injury Center (one of only 11 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Injury Centers). She has over 85 publications and written 25 large reports for government and industry as well as 14 training manuals/ research products. Her work has been presented widely with over 65 national and international conference presentations and invited talks to government and industry organisations.