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Samuel Brookfield is a postdoctoral research fellow at the UQ School of Public Health, working to integrate critical social science and public health research methods.  His research agenda is aimed towards improving health care for marginalised populations through understanding complex experiences of health and illness that intersect with issues of culture, ethics, and politics. Samuel has published research on homelessness, natural disaster response, access to sexual health services for sex workers, methamphetamine recovery, and qualitative methods. 

Samuel recently finished publishing his PhD research, which was an in-depth ethnographic study of methamphetamine recovery in Queensland, Australia.  These analyses introduced the concepts of ‘ambient paternalism’, ‘living with harmful drug use’, the ‘methamphetamine use cascade’, and ‘extended recovery’ to the literature.   As part of his fellowship Samuel is now working on future research proposals focused on gender-based violence.   In addition to his research, Samuel is also a clinical nurse specialising in emergency, education, and humanitarian contexts most recently with the International Committee of the Red Cross in South Sudan.