Nisreen is a Principal Research Project Officer with the First Nations Cancer and Wellbeing Research (FNCWR) program. In her role with the program, Nisreen is the Project Manager for a project called A preference-informed model to improve access and equity in bowel screening for Australia’s First Nations people through home care services.

Prior to this, Nisreen was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Child Health Research Centre, focusing on exploring ways to enhance antidepressants response amongst patients diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorders. Nisreen was also an Allied health professional working on exploring the impact of Covid pandemic on the mental health of children and adolescents who attended Child and Youth Mental Health Services.

Nisreen completed her PhD in Pharmacy before starting work at the Centre for Child Health Research. She has a great passion for enhancing patients’ overall health, both physical and mental. Her work focuses on exploring and enhancing patients’ own experiences with various health aspects.  

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