This year’s Unconference will be about Exploring Vulnerability through Courage, Compassion, and Connection.

What is this Unconference about?

The Second Annual Equity Diversity and Inclusion Unconference is an interactive hybrid event—in person and on Zoom—where people are invited to voice their experiences of EDI on a level playing field.

Conversations, which are led by pre-nominated conversation starters, will involve topics such as intersectionality, accessibility, and mental health.

 The purpose of this event is to create a welcoming, empathetic space where people’s voices are celebrated.

We offer coffee, snack and a light lunch for attendees.

Registration is FREE.

Who can join?

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • HDR candidates
  • Academic staff and professional staff

Everyone invited to come together to help further EDI action at UQ.


The Terrace Room, Sir Llew Edwards Building St Lucia Campus or Zoom