About SPH Student Workshops

These SPH student workshops will be run by Kevan Jones and David Rowland.

Kevan JonesKevan Jones

I am a UQ Learning Adviser, specialised in tertiary academic skills development. My priority interests are effective study and research communication -especially public speaking. I have a Bachelor of Science in Plant Science and a PhD in Agricultural science, both from UQ. My speciality was plant pathology,specifically fungal diseases. My doctorate was on fusarium wilt in bananas. During my PhD, I was a tutor, lab demonstrator and occasional course co-coordinator. Through this, I discovered my true love for teaching. I am a firm believer in the power of higher education to drive a fairer, more informed & equitable society. Outside of work, I am both a Morris dancer and folk musician.

David RowlandDavid Rowland

I joined Student Services as a Learning Adviser in the last millennium, so that either makes me old or very experienced! I initially aimed to be a physics / maths teacher, and was a maths lecturer for six years before becoming a Learning Adviser. This quantitative background means a particular interest of mine is helping coursework and research students develop their statistical literacy. However, I have broad interests and a love of reading and teaching mean I also greatly enjoy working with students to develop their oral and written communication skills. Outside of uni, I could be characterised as a Whovian, and when an undergraduate designed and built my own model TARDIS console room.


Mayne Medical Building (0881), Room 325 or via Zoom: https://uqz.zoom.us/J/89931221866