Pacific Health Governance Research Network - Workshop Two

The Pacific Health Governance Research Network (PHGRN) is proud to announce its second Workshop. Workshop Two will be hosted by Fiji National University (FNU), the Pacific Community (SPC) and The University of Queensland, at the Tanoa International Hotel in Nadi, Fiji. We are also delighted to welcome Dr Audrey Aumua (Deputy Director-General of the Pacific Community), and Hon. Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete (Minister of Health, Fiji), as our keynote speakers at Workshop Two.

The PHGRN is building a network to create spaces for research partnerships between Pacific researchers and stakeholders, and Australian and international counterparts. The network focuses on health governance in relation to the SDG agenda, seeking to help the region meet goals and targets, and ensure that no-one is left behind. Research and actions under the PHGRN will be consistently informed by Pacific voices, to ensure integration of local knowledge into research and that research addresses practical local needs leading to positive change in the Pacific.

The PHGRN is organised into five major research themes which are designed to capture the diverse and overlapping challenges and opportunities for health and policy in the Pacific region and the broader context of the Sustainable Development Goals agenda.

Workshop Two will provide opportunity for attendees to discuss research partnerships and projects with counterparts and interested stakeholders. In addition, it will build upon the work of mapping research needs started in Workshop One, with more focused discussions on the five major research themes. Workshop Two will also aim to generate concept notes, research groups, and outline agreements toward funding proposals and collaborative actions. In response to feedback from Workshop One, Workshop Two will be longer and also more closely involve policy makers, multilaterals and donors in discussion.

Workshop Two will involve both plenary sessions, and parallel breakout sessions focusing on specific issues under each of the five major research themes. We aim to make Pacific voices central in directing the PHGRN research agenda. Parallel breakout sessions will each be co-facilitated by a Pacific Islander and other international researchers and practitioners and will use a modified Talanoa method to facilitate broader engagement of attendees.

Finally, attendees may benefit from one of three training sessions provided by experts in the area of media communications, grant writing, and policy brief preparation.

Registration fees:

  • 15 AUD for Pacific students
  • 50 AUD for Pacific attendees
  • 80 AUD for international attendees.


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