About Evaluating the impact of integrating health system programs: the case for HIV service integration into ANC and TB services in Peru


Mark Minnery - PhD Confirmation Review milestone presentation


Dr Hebe Gouda (Principal Supervisor) and Dr Eliana Jimenez-Soto (Associate Supervisor)


Constrained resources, shifting burdens of disease and emerging co-morbidities have put health system reorganisation in the spotlight. Consequently strategies such as health service integration are gaining interest. Integrating health system components have been suggested to maximise scarce health resources and minimise opportunity costs. This may be through better targeting of appropriate care and resources, preventing duplication of treatment or assessment, preventing costly bottlenecks and gaps in care pathways and, ensuring care decisions are taken with due regard to upstream capacity.  Integration can occur at various levels of the health system. This can range from joint strategic decision making between two programs to integrated services at primary facilities benefiting a single patient with multiple morbidities. A prime health system component for integration is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus program. This is due to the changing nature of the HIV epidemic and its frequent presentation as a co-morbidity with infections such as Tuberculosis (TB). Limited evidence exists, however, on the comparative impact of different models of HIV program integration. The proposed research will attempt to assess the impact of HIV program integration into Antenatal Care and the TB program in Peru.  The confirmation review will provide a brief background on integration and will outline the methods and research approach to be employed in conducting the proposed analysis. 

Brief Bio

Mark Minnery is a PhD student in the field of health systems at the School of Public Health UQ. His background is in science and international health. He has completed the Masters of International Public Health at UQ with several years’ experience working in international health and development in Australia and abroad in infectious diseases and RMNCH. His current interests include health systems strengthening, infectious diseases research and health economics.


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