Associate Professor Simon Reid, Dr Brianna Fjeldsoe, Dr Sheleigh Lawler, and Associate Professor Jolieke van der Pols - UQ School of Public Health


Engaging students in teaching and learning activities during class is an ongoing challenge for teachers and a major focus in current teaching issues. Barriers to interacting with students during class can include challenges such as: internal and external student mix; large class sizes; classroom layouts; sensitive content areas; students lacking confidence; and teachers who are unsure of how to respond to student engagement. This Teaching & Learning seminar will highlight a number of ‘In-class Interactive Teaching Tools’ that School of Public Health staff are using to overcome some of these barriers and enhance student engagement. The seminar will highlight examples of some of the tools in use at our School (e.g. Scoopit, Padlet, UQWordcloud, UQPoll) and demonstrate when, why and how they’re being used to enhance student engagement.




1:00pm – 2:00pm


Room 113, Public Health Building, Herston

In-class interactive teaching tools: sharing experiences


Room 113, Public Health Building, Herston