Don't ban e-cigarettes, sell them under tight regulation

5 Jun 2015
The ban disadvantages smokers who may have difficulty quitting but want to reduce the risks of smoking. NeydtStock/Flickr

Wayne Hall, Professor and Director, Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research, The University of QueenslandCoral Gartner, Senior Research Fellow, School of Public Health, The University of Queensland, and Cynthia Forlini, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, The University of Queensland

Over the past ten years, a substantial minority of cigarette smokers in many countries have turned to electronic (e-) cigarettes in an attempt to quit smoking or as an alternative to smoking some or all of the time. In 2013 around 600,000 Australian smokers had tried e-cigarettes, while there are currently around 2.6 million e-cigarette users in Great Britain.

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