Current projects

  • Parental supply of alcohol to children: Associations with early adult health – “binge” drinking, alcohol-related harms, aggression, and Alcohol Use Disorders. (2012 – 2017; 2018 – 2022). NHMRC Project Grants.
  • Patterns of alcohol and drug use. (2012 - Current). Cannabis Cohorts Research Consortium (CCRC)
  • Triple B: Bumps, Babies and Beyond. (The Triple B Pregnancy Cohort Study) (January 2010 – ongoing). NHMRC Project Grant.
  • Research evaluation of the HCV Treatment and Management Program (2016-2018). Queensland Injectors’ Health Network Limited (QuIHN).
  • Longitudinal research into petrol sniffing and other substance abuse trends in Indigenous communities. (2017-2018). Commonwealth Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.
  • Breaking the intergenerational cycle of mental disorder: A longitudinal study of the social determinants of childhood psychosocial adjustment problems. (2018- ) Australian Rotary Health.
  • Into the thirties: Persistence and social consequences of risky drinking (2014–2017) ARC Discovery Projects
  • Linked Lives: Antisocial Behaviour Across Three Generations (2015–2017) ARC Discovery Projects

Collaborative Grants

  • Generational and developmental pathways of childhood and adolescent obesity: A three generation cohort study. (2015-2019). NHMRC Project Grant.
  • An assessment of late night alcohol restrictions in Queensland. (2016-2019). ARC Linkage Project administered by Deakin University.
  • The Natural History of Licit and Illicit Drug Use in a Population Cohort of Stimulant Users (2013–2017). ARC Linkage Projects

Community organisation partnerships