Why study with us

Our program differs from many others in offering progressively advanced content that is particularly deep and comprehensive.  

Students develop strong methodological skills while having the flexibility to tailor their degree to best reflect their own interests and professional aspirations.

Program content is evidence-based and comprehensive, reflecting our:

  • strong links with leading international development agencies such as Australian Aid, the World Bank and the World Health Organization
  • leading role in the field, with staff authoring seminal works and providing consultancy and advisory activities with global health organisations and governments of regional countries.

Our program is also enriched by the School’s projects with partners including the Wellcome Trust, Australian Aid, the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, the Institute for health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, Harvard University and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute. 

Why Choose

Epidemiology is the core discipline for understanding and improving global health. It is a broad field of study that provides the essential prerequisites for many exciting careers in public health. 

Epidemiologists measure and compare rates of disease within and between populations and investigate their underlying causes through a multidisciplinary approach: they design and carry out epidemiological studies, use statistics to analyse and interpret their results and publish the findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals. They also use research findings to recommend changes to health policy or to influence decision making.

The work of epidemiologists can have a significant impact on reducing risks to health and on identifying the major causes of a particular disease or injury.

If you are curious, enjoy maths and science, and want a career where you can make a difference, a degree in epidemiology may be for you. ​


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