Why study with us

Our Biostatistics program is part of the Biostatistics Collaboration of Australia and has been developed by Australia's foremost biostatisticians. Our postgraduate courses fill a gap between programs in public health and epidemiology and general statistics courses. It combines mathematical and statistical theory with understanding of the specific challenges arising in different areas of science, making it a rewarding field of study for students who like mathematics and want to contribute to the broader scientific understanding of health. 

By combining the best talents from around the country, this collaboration has developed a focused curriculum with a commitment to provide Australia with well-trained professional biostatisticians and upgrade the skills of clinical researchers. The courses provide a sound mathematically-based grounding in statistical methods with a strong emphasis on applications in all areas of health and medical research.

Why Choose

Biostatistics underpins the use of statistical methods in health and medical research.  Biostatisticians design quantitative research studies, manage and analyse data, and interpret results.   

There is an ongoing shortage of biostatisticians in Australia and internationally. Biostatistics graduates work in varying areas such as:

  • laboratory research to understand disease processes or pharmalogical effects of new drugs
  • epidemiological studies to identify factors that increase disease risk (eg. influence of smoking on heart disease)
  • clinical trials to evaluate new drugs, procedures or treatment methods
  • health services research to improve the effectiveness of health care.

If you like collecting and analysing data, forecasting and drawing conclusions, biostatistics may offer the perfect health career for you.


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