The following centres have been disestablished, however their research output continues to be significant.

  • Australian Centre for International and Tropical Health  - ACITH was an internationally recognised centre in international and tropical health. It closed in December 2014.
  • Centre for Australian Military and Veterans’ Health - CAMVH closed on December 24, 2014. Its mission was to optimise the health of Australian Defence Force personnel, veterans and their families through research and education.
  • Centre for Burden of Disease and Cost-Effectiveness - BoDCE was based at our School until its disestablishment in 2013. Selected research is available through these pages including an index of reports and publications by the Assessing Cost Effectiveness(ACE) in Prevention project.
  • HealthLinQ - HealthLinQ was part of the Queensland branch of the federally funded Population Health Research Network. This centre ceased operations in June 2014.