Healthy Living after Cancer is a NHMRC Partnership Project between the New South Wales, Victorian, South Australian and Western Australian Cancer Councils, and the Cancer Prevention Research Centre at The University of Queensland's School of Public Health, in collaboration with a team of Australian and international investigators.

Healthy Living after Cancer is a free telephone coaching program for adult cancer survivors who were treated with curative intent and have finished active treatment (e.g. surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy). Those who take part receive up to 12 coaching calls from a Cancer Council nurse/consultant over 6 months. The nurse/consultant works with the participant to assist them in making healthy lifestyle changes by setting goals for physical activity and healthy eating. They help participants reach their goals by providing support, helpful tips and motivation. The overarching goal is for the program to become part of routine follow-up care available to cancer survivors in Australia.

Project members

Professor Elizabeth Eakin

Associate Dean (Research)
Faculty of Medicine
School of Public Health

Associate Professor Marina Reeves

Associate Professor
School of Public Health

Professor Gita Mishra

Institute for Social Science Research
NHMRC Principal Research Fellow
School of Public Health

Ms Erin Robson

Project Coordinator
School of Public Health