Funded by the NHMRC, CREWH21 examines how changes in the health system impact on women’s health and how changes in women’s lives impact on their health and health care needs.

The four priority health issues of interest are:

  • reproductive health
  • mental health
  • cardiovascular conditions and
  • musculoskeletal problems.

The program’s world-leading research platform incorporates longitudinal data from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health (ALSWH) and record-linkage to administrative databases on health services.

Please visit the Study website, CREWH21, for further information.


Project members

Professor Annette Dobson

Professor of Biostatistics
School of Public Health

Professor Gita Mishra

Institute for Social Science Research
NHMRC Principal Research Fellow
School of Public Health

Associate Professor Leigh Tooth

Principal Research Fellow
School of Public Health

Ms Megan Ferguson

Research Program Manager
School of Public Health

Mrs Leonie Gemmell

Administrative Officer
Women's Health Australia