Researcher biography

Dr Hansen (Jiandong) Sun is an epidemiologist and Senior Research Fellow at the First Nations Cancer and Wellbeing Research program within UQ's Faculty of Medicine. His primary research interests are to quantify the disparities in accessing health care faced by individuals diagnosed with cancer and understand their impacts on patient outcomes.

Hansen has extensive experience in deciphering real-world data to inform public health interventions, clinical practice and health policy-making. For example, his work has contributed to measuring the burden of cancers using cancer registry and death registry data, evaluating the performance and effectiveness of cancer screening programs using participation records and clinical data, and assessing the clinical effectiveness of medicines and other forms of treatment using patient visit records linked with claim databases. He has developed advanced knowledge and skills especially in the assessment of data availability and quality from various sources, data linkage, and statistical control for potential confounders.

Hansen started his career as a public health practitioner in a local Centre for Disease Control in China in 1992. Since then, he had taken positions in government agencies and universities, always working with real-world data.

His recent posts include Senior Epidemiologist at Queensland Health in infectious disease surveillance and Lead Specialist in outcomes evaluation at Singapore Ministry of Health.