Maggie’s interest in the intersection of climate change and health grew during her undergraduate education at Colby College in Maine, USA, where she graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Environmental Studies. While at Colby, Maggie co-led the college’s only student-run environmental advocacy and activism group, and she coordinated several campus-wide sustainability initiatives. She conducted undergraduate psychology research studies on identity and sustainability-conscientious behaviors; parenting and child self-efficacy; and attachment styles, student engagement, and student self-efficacy in the college setting. Maggie also mentored other students who were embarking on their own independent projects. Over the years, Maggie has served a variety of roles in the environmental and human health fields. She has spent several summers as a farmer and farm educator, was an engineering research assistant at a recycling corporation, and interned at a substance use and addiction clinic. Maggie is now a Clinical Research Coordinator at Boston Children's Hospital within both the Division of Developmental Medicine and the Department of Psychiatry. In addition to her research position, she oversees a hospital-wide Public Health & Community Advocacy group, and directly leads its Climate Change & Health and Mental Health & Substance Use subgroups. Maggie enjoys spending time running and biking outside, visiting farmers’ markets, and relaxing in parks.

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