Researcher biography

Professor Maree Toombs is the Associate Dean (Indigenous Engagement) for the Faculty of Medicine. From her experience teaching Indigenous students, Maree observed a pattern in young Indigenous Australians disengaging from education and has worked ever since to understand and help bridge the gap. Maree's expertise is in the mental health of Indigenous Australians and exploring the interface between Indigenous and Western research methodologies. Maree is heavily involved in NHMRC projects focusing on mental health, suicide prevention and other chronic disease. Maree has contributed to >$33.1M of tier one and other grants and committed to over 10 years of service including active participation on NHMRC panels, boards, committees and > 90+ National and International Indigenous partnerships/collaborations. Maree has dedicated her career to serving the community and, as such, is guided by the community in which areas are important for research. Her publications have been used to influence policy in Australia and the United Kingdom. With 20 years' experience in teaching and developing curriculum with an Indigenous perspective both in education and health, Maree has improved the way people culturally work with Indigenous Australians in urban, rural and remote areas.

Maree is a member of the NHMRC Principal Committee Indigenous Caucus (PCIC) of NHMRC- 2021-24, the Australian Medical Council as well as an advisory board member for Darling Downs Health Services and current chair of the Carbal Medical Service (Toowoomba and Warwick).

As a recipient of a Churchill Fellowship, and a published author Maree's research has also focused on improving retention rates for Indigenous students at Universities in Canada. Working closely with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit and Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, Maree will assist the Faculty of Medicine in implementing their Reconciliation Action Plan as well as ensuring the continued support of Indigenous students at UQ.