Researcher biography

Ruth is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Population Health and Program Director for the UQ Health Leaders Program in which she teaches a number of courses including managing for quality and performance in healthcare, the fundamentals of managing change in healthcare and work culture. A member of the Australian Psychological Society, Ruth is a social scientist with a broad range of interests centred around organizational psychology and health systems and has spent a number of years working in research, evaluation and teaching both in the UK and Australia. With a strong interest in teaching, she has a particular interest in the utility of Web 2.0 technologies in online learning and educational design of short professional development courses.

Ruth is also currently the Postgraduate Coordinator (PGC) for the School of Population Health where she assumes responsibility for advising RHD students and their supervisory team on matters relating to candidature. As a representative of the Graduate School she provides support and advice where needed to the 90 or so PhD students in the School, approximately half of which are located externally or overseas.