Researcher biography

Dr Peter Baker is a Senior Statistician, Senior Lecturer and Senior Consultant with the Queensland Clinical Trials and Biostatistics Centre, School of Public Health, University of Queensland.

He holds a position as a Senior Biostatistical Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Statistics at the School of Public Health.

Peter's current research interests include:

  • graphical models for multivariate data in epidemiology,
  • investigating the appropriateness of statistical methods (seasonal ARIMA and ZIP models) for assessing policy interventions in seasonal time series data including application to the Queensland Government Drink Safe Precincts study with the Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research (CSYAR),
  • efficient statistical computing using R for the workflow of data analysis,
  • reproducible reporting using R, markdown and related tools,
  • statistical methods for modelling trajectories of alcohol consumption in youths,
  • analysis of longitudinal study data relating cardiovascular risks to behavioural and demographic traits, and
  • MCMC methods for Bayesian analysis of multilevel health studies in developing countries.
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