Improving the evidence base for decision-making

The current focus for our priority on improving the evidence base for decision-making include:

  • Mental health burden and policy
  • Health and clinical trials network
  • Longitudinal cohort studies.

These are reflected in the following specialist, inter-disciplinary centres:

Centre of Longitudinal and Life Course Research - this centre conducts research on a broad range of health issues across the human lifespan.

Mental Health Policy and Epidemiology Group - this centre at the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research is a state-funded mental health research centre affiliated with our School.

Queensland Alcohol and Drug Research and Education Centre (QADREC) - this centre is a leader in alcohol and drug research and training, and a contributor to the world’s best practice in the field.

Queensland Clinical Trials and Biostatistics Centrethis centre promotes and runs high-quality clinical trials and other non-trial clinical studies.

WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Information Systems - the World Health Organization has designated our School as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Information Systems.