Available student projects and staff contacts

Across our research team we have multiple student research projects available. Some examples are listed below, but please feel free to contact our team to discuss other options.

Professor Colleen Lau - Supervisor

  • Integrated surveillance of neglected tropical diseases and vaccine preventable diseases in Samoa
  • Epidemiology of notifiable diseases in Australia
  • Vaccine preventable diseases in travellers
  • Decision support tools for COVID-19 vaccines

Dr Angela Cadavid - Supervisor

  • Systematic review of the landscape epidemiology of lymphatic filariasis.

Dr Amalie Dyda - Supervisor

  • Social Media and Vaccination: How does the way citizens access, understand, use, and share information about adult vaccines impact attitudes and behaviour?
  • Enhancing the use of routinely collected infectious disease surveillance data for public health action.

Dr Lisa McHugh – Supervisor

  • Investigating the uptake, safety and effectiveness of influenza and pertussis vaccines in pregnancy for First Nations mothers and infants.