Our group applies social science and health systems thinking to current and emerging issues in population health. Spanning a range of disciplines - including sociology, psychology, medical anthropology, social epidemiology, health and human rights, political science and health policy - our group is actively engaged in research and teaching that is focused on health systems, policy and practice. The scope extends from Australian health systems contexts - including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health - to international and global health issues. Our research draws on a range of quantitative and qualitative methods, with a particular emphasis on mixed methods designs.


The Health Systems and Policy group is actively engaged in four core research areas:


Health systems research 

This embraces the complex interrelations in health, addressing governance and leadership, health services, financing and human resources, drugs and technology and information systems. Our research examines human resources for health in Australia, Indigenous health and policy, health information systems in the Pacific, regional governance for malaria control, the global politics of the post-2015 development goals, global governance for health, and health and human rights.


Social determinants and psychosocial aspects of health and health care 

A particular focus is on the health of those from socially disadvantaged and other vulnerable groups, including people living with HIV. Gender inequalities; chronic disease and reproductive health, including pregnancy loss, are also key areas of research.


Health services research 

Chronic disease self-management is a central focus, especially in relation to the development of consumer-responsive approaches to self-management support. Other projects include: complementary, alternative and integrative medicine; implications to health systems of cross border medical care; and the delivery of health services to people with intellectual disability.


Policy and evaluation 

Policy analysis and research for policy critically examine mental health policy in Australia and internationally, the influence of research on Indigenous health policy and the emergence of global health policy and norms, and brings epidemiological and economic evidence to support policy decisions.


Our research centres and projects