Global Health research focuses on health systems and policy research at the global level, and its implications both regionally and at the country level. We are multidisciplinary—bringing together researchers with backgrounds in policy analysis, political science and international relations, social science, law and epidemiology—to address complex issues of global significance.

As part of a major international collaboration, we tracked the development of the Sustainable Development Goals, and are now researching their implementation, particularly in the Indo Pacific region. In the Pacific, we are collaborating with the Pacific Community on a range of issues, including climate control, and One Health approaches to the control of zoonotic diseases.

In Asia, we are currently examining the implications of ASEAN mutual recognition of health professionals for the Cambodian health workforce. In Ethiopia, we are analysing the health extension program and its role in meeting HIV targets. In our consulting roles for United Nations agencies, we provide advice on tiered funding for drugs and access to medicines, strategies for combatting antibiotic resistant tuberculosis, and political factors affecting the uptake of Universal Health Coverage.

We have secured funding from the NHMRC, European Union research programs, the Gates Foundation, the WHO Asia-Pacific Observatory and the Queensland HIV Foundation.